Well, what should I say?

"Fun is fun, but done is done"

Hey , what’s up? My name is Alex and I’m a C# developer ("Hellllllooo, Aleeeexxxx!"). Yeah, I’m a C# developer and I've used C# for over 5 years starting since I was 19. Now I perfectly realize what happened, but at that time I didn’t.

First time I tried C# with my friend. We were talking about the internet technologies as he mentioned he'd recently tried C#. He offered to try it to me. But I had some concerns. I hesitated. I didn’t know what to do since there had been bad gossips about the C# language as well as about .NET Framework. But he told me what an amazing programming language C# was and is and I've bowed to his pressure. I don't remember exactly what I built; it seemed it was kind of a simple application that printed out "Hello world!" to the console. It was awfully enjoyable and fun, we all had a blast and laughed and smiled and nothing could stop it...

It went on and on and on. Little by little, day by day… and suddenly I realized I couldn’t stop. Since I'd already tried creating a simple C# application, I was up to try something more difficult. And I tried creating a CMS. Now I can understand how dire it was! But back then - not.

A girlfriend of mine broke up with me as she learned I'd become a C# developer. Yet I couldn’t stop and I risked building my first mini framework. In C#. Those were incredible days, however it was also a risky situation. My friends no longer wanted to see me… Everyone turned a blind eye to me.

Soon after I hooked up with a few other C# developers and we hit it off immediately. Usually we'd meet at one’s of them house, lock up the doors and spend time building a bunch of C# applications in ASP.NET MVC, WPF and WCF… Occasionally we'd test new and heavy libraries such as NUnit, Rhino Mocks, ExtJS.NET, JSON.NET, RSignal... Oh, God, RSignal!

Finally I came to the point where I dreamed of making my own OS, still in C#, with blackjack and hookers.

Now Now I’m in my thirties and I've become a full-fledged C# developer... Sometimes I try dealing with this situation and getting over it, but so far it hasn't panned out. Thus I long for any freelance jobs or something that'll allow me to write a little bit of C# code. No matter how small.

P.S. Why are you so serious? ☺